October 11, Wednesday, 9.00-10.30 (room 193) Registration

October 11, Wednesday, 10.00-13.30 (room 191) Opening

Welcome address by

Prof. S.I.Bogdanov, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, and
Prof. A.S.Gerd, the Organizing Committee Chairman

N.V.Pertsov (Moscow) On the Opinions on Russian Language Facts in Light of the Corpus Data
M.Kren (Prague) SYN2000 vs. SYN2005: Comparing the Large Synchronic Corpora of Czech
L.N.Belyaeva (St. Petersburg) Corpus Linguistics Methods in Global English Studies: Etnolinguistic Aspect
V.V.Rykov (Moscow) Text Corpora and Speech Activity — Similarity Problems
A.V.Zubov (Minsk) Byelorussian Text Corpora
V.Sh.Rubashkin (St. Petersburg) Ambiguity Types in the Annotated Corpora and Methods of their Solving
A.S.Gerd (St. Petersburg) Corpus Linguistics and Academy Lexicography

October 11, Wednesday, 14.30-18.00 (room 191)

V.B.Kasevich (St. Petersburg) Lexical Functions: Corpus and Experimental Study
N.I.Kulakova (St. Petersburg) Using the Corpus Materials for Studying Certain Lexicographic Problems
G.I.Kustova, O.N.Liashevskaya, E.V.Rakhilina, O.Yu.Shemanayeva (Moscow) Semantic Annotation and Semantic Filters for Russian National Corpus
O.V.Mudraya, B.V.Babich, S.Piao, P.Rayson, E.Wilson (Lancaster, Leeds) Developing a Russian Semantic Tagger for Automatic Semantic Annotation
E.V.Yagunova (St. Petersburg) Multiword Unities in Dictionary and Corpus
S.A.Krylov (Moscow) Delimitation of Phonetic Words in a Russian Written Text

October 12, Thursday, 10.00-13.30 (room 191)
V.Petkevich(Prague) Coordinated Structures in the Czech National Corpus
M.V.Kopotev (Helsinki), G.B.Gurin (Petrozavodsk) Go I Know Not Whither and Fetch I Know Not What: Dealing with Zeros in a Corpus
I.V.Azarova (St. Petersburg), E.A.Ovchinnikova (Tubingen, St. Petersburg) Semantic Interpretation of Noun Phrases on Russian Text Corpus
V.A.Kapustin, A.A.Yamsen (St. Petersburg) Rank Statistic of Wordform Cooccurrence in a Large Monothematic Corpus
O.A.Mitrofanova, V.V.Kadina, V.S.Savitsky (St. Petersburg) Dictionary and Corpus as the Sources of Data on Syntagmatic Relations of Lexical Units
K.Pala (Brno) Word Sketches and Semantic Roles

October 12, Thursday, 14.30-17.00 (room 191)
A.N.Averin (St. Petersburg) Development of Tools for Searching of Word Bigrams
An Na (Beijing) Research on Tagging the English and Chinese Idioms Based on Corpus
M.Baerman, D.Brown, G.Corbett, A.Krasovitsky, A.Long (Guilford) Diachronic Processes in Russian Morphosyntax (a Corpus-Based Approach)
Yu.V.Balenko (St. Petersburg) Using the Corpus Linguistics Methods in Noun Suffix Models Study
V.Bobicheva, T.Zidrashko (Chisinau) A Language-Independent Method of Word Lemmatisation
N.M.Borkovskaya (Moscow) Modeling the «Stock market» Domain on the Basis of a Text Corpus
K.K.Boyarsky, V.P.Zakharov, E.A.Kanevsky (St. Petersburg) Ambiguity Solving in Morphological Tagging of Russian Text Corpora
A.I.Brodovsky, K.O.Sboichakov, E.V.Popov (Moscow) IRBIS-64 as a Tool for Creation, Management and Semantic Thematic Analysis of Full-Length Text Databases
A.V.Ventsov, E.V.Grudeva, V.B.Kasevich (St. Petersburg) Analytical Forms in National Corpus of Russian Literary Language
A.S.Gerd, I.V.Azarova, I.S.Nilokayev (St. Petersburg) Data Corpus in the Project «Complex Model for Formation of the Ingermanland Cultural Scenary and Historical and Cultural Zone on the North West of Russia on the Toponymy Data»
S.I.Gindin, E.A.Ivanova, A.S.Krasnikova (Moscow) System of Philological Support as a Specific Type of Text Corpora (Tasks, Get-Up, Tools)
Dao Thong Thu (St. Petersburg) Machine Translation from and to Vietnamese
O.N.Kamshilova (St. Petersburg) Conference Proceedings as a Special Text Corpus
V.A.Kapustin, I.V.Kapustina, V.N.Sazhin, P.V.Gerasimenko (St. Petersburg) Corpus of D.Harms Poems
I.Chiari (Rome) Spoken Corpora and Transcription Errors
M.Kuehnast (Berlin) Developing a Corpus for Contrastive Studies of Intersentential Anaphora in Child Language
A.M.Lavrentiev (Novosibirsk, Lyon) Base of Mediaeval French: on the Path from Texts Collection to Valuable Corpus
P.Makagonov (Huajuapan de Leon), K.O.Sboichakov (Moscow),
A.Ruis Figeroa (Huajuapan de Leon) A Technique for Comparison of Thesauri of Special Domain Texts, Differentiated by the Publication Time and Language
E.Malaia (West Lafayette) Domain Acquisition for Ontological Semantics: Methodology and Practice (Digital Identity Management Domain)
I.M.Nekipelova (Izhevsk) Problems of Word Semantics Description and Modeling in Databases
S.V.Piskunova, S.O.Savchuk (Moscow) Experience in Creation of Text Corpus of the First Half of the 20th Century
L.I.Ruchina (Nizhni Novgorod) Thesaurus Representation of Conceptual Sphere of Russian Fairy Tales
A.V.Smirnov, T.V.Levashova, M.P.Pashkin, N.G.Shilov, A.A.Krizhanovsky, A.M.Kashevnik, A.S.Komarova (St. Petersburg) Context-Sensitive Access to E-Document Corpus
T.Timchenko (Sofia) To Creation of a Corpus of Historical Documents of Grand Duchy of Lithuania
E.Shingareva-Slavine (Paris) Experience du traitement automatique du corpus des textes des lois europeennes sur l ‘ecologie pour la creation des glossaires bilingues franco-russes

October 13, Friday, 10.00-13.30 Two Parallel Sections


Morphology in Corpus
E.A.Grishina, S.O.Savchuk (Moscow) Variability of Grammatical Norms as of the National Russian Corpus
S.A.Кoval’ (St. Petersburg) The Role of Corpus in Creation of Realistic Models for Inflection Morphology

Parallel Corpora
Р.Garabik (Bratislava) Russian-Slovak Parallel Corpus
L.V.Rychkova (Grodno) Using Corpus Technology in Conditions of Plurilingualism
E.P.Sosnina (Ulyanovsk) Development and Application of a Russian Translation Learner Corpus
C.Chiarcos (Potsdam) Avoiding Data Graveyards: Deriving an Ontology for Accessing Heterogeneous Data Collections

Section B. SPECIAL CORPORA (room 191) Historical and Diachronic Corpora


(St. Petersburg) Text Corpus as the Base for Description of Diachronic Processes in Indo-European Languages
I.V.Azarovа, E.L.Alexeeva, L.A.Zakharova (St. Petersburg) Tagging of Text Fragments in the Agiographic Texts Corpus SKAT
R.Meyer (Regensburg) The Regensburg Diachronic Corpus of Russian as a Source for Historical Linguistic Research
V.A.Baranov (Izhevsk) Information Retrieval System «Manuscript» — a Specialized Tool for Complex Researches of Slavonic Hand-Written Heritage

Speech Corpora
M.Waclawichova, M.Koprivova (Prague) Representativeness of Spoken Corpora on the Example of the New Spoken Corpora of the Czech Language
T.Yu.Sherstinova (St. Petersburg) Spoken Corpus for Studying the Prosodic System of Young Written Languages

October 13, Friday, 14.30-18.00 (room 191) CLOSING PLENARY SESSION

V.Мatoushek, Ya.Michalicova, R.Mouchek

(Plzen) Czech Explanatory Dictionary and its Computer Implementation
B.V.Dobrov, N.V.Lukashevich (Moscow), V.D.Soloviev (Kazan) Corpus of Modern Business Prose Texts for Linguistic Study Support
G.Ya.Martynenko (St. Petersburg) Semantics of Russian Romance Corpus
V.I.Belikov (Moscow) Digitized Texts as a Material for Russian Regionalism Dictionary
A.E.Poliakov (Moscow) Annotation of Poetic Texts in the National Russian Corpus
M.Shimkova (Bratislava) Syntactic Annotation of Texts in Slovak National Corpus
A.Gorak, V.Kadlec (Brno) Grammar Development for Czech Syntactic Parser with Corpus-Based Techniques

CLOSING REMARKS AND PROPOSALS Participants’ statements

Closing of the Conference

All presentations duration — 25 min. (including the question answers)

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