Welcome to the Philological Research Institute of Saint Petersburg State University — The Philological Research Institute of Saint Petersburg State University

General information about the Philological Research Institute of Saint Petersburg State University

General information

The Philological Research Institute was organized on the 27 th of September 2004 as one of the University substructures by the decision of the Academic Senate of Saint Petersburg State University.

The primary purpose of the Institute is to carry out fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research and to train experts in the domain of linguistics anf philology.

The primary aims and lines of the Institute activities are as follows:

  • to carry out fundamental, pilot and applied studies;
  • to work on the perspective lines of investigation in philology and linguistics;
  • interdisciplinary research;
  • to train experts in the domain of philology and linguistics;
  • to maintain close connection between research and teaching at all departments of the Philological faculty of Saint Petersburg State University by envolving
  • teaching staff, post-graduate and graduate students in research projects;
  • to elaborate the most important scientific and applied issues of humanitarian education and interdisciplinary education in Russia, to improve methods and tools for training specialists in the fields of primary activities of the Institute;
  • to attract scientists and researchers of the Institute to the teaching process
  • and encourage them to use research results in teaching;
  • to take part in the multilevel education of the philological faculty;
  • to train research staff using the opportunities provided by MA, PhD and Doctoral studies; to provide a higher level of scientific education for the teaching staff of the faculty.

The Institute accomplishes the following kinds of activities:

  • research;
  • scientific, methodological, informational and technical maintenance of the education process; training and retraining of specialists, including MA, PhD and Doctoral students;
  • development and realization of the scientific and technical production;
  • rendering of guidance, informational, technical and consultation services;
  • training and retraining of specialists working in the field of the Institute scientific interests;
  • editing and publication of subject collections, results of the scientific studies (progress reports) monographs, conference, symposia etc. proceedings;
  • editing and publication of methodological literature of limited circulation;
  • informational maintenance; organization of seminars, conferences, exhibitions;
  • realization of research results;
  • participation in the international research and training projects which are in the domain of the Institute activities.

Structure and management of the Institute activities

The main substructures of the Institute are its departments, laboratories, sectors; their activities are carried out according to the regulations approved by the Institute director. Temporary working teams can be organized to accomplish some operative scientific and promotional problems; their functioning order is also defined by the Institute director. The Institute provides its laboratory facilities for undergraduate, graduate, PhD and doctoral students (working on term papers, diplomas, PhD or Doctoral theses); they can also use the facilities of the Institute to carry out academic work, field studies and in educational practical training. The staff of the Institute provides scientific supervision for research students working along the lines of the Institute activities.