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A. Horak, K. Kadlec In the paper we present the description of the Czech syntactic parser SYNT developed at FI MU NLP laboratory. The presented system is based on the meta-grammar formalism with a head-driven chart parser. The parsing technique provides fast analysis of the context free backbone with successive evaluation of the contextual constraints using the so called «forest of values». The meta-grammar formalism allows to capture complicated grammatic relations with a maintainable number of rules.
Besides the description of the SYNT system, we display the process of the meta-grammar development. One of the first phases is formed by construction of a testing tree-bank. Any change in the grammar then undergoes an evaluation against this tree-bank. All phases of this process are controlled with the Grammar Development Workbench (GDW) tool, which provides all necessary functions for the linguistic experts working with the system. GDW includes five modules — the GUIsynt graphical user interface for parsing, the TreeView and the ChartView for inspection of the analysis results, the GrammarView and the TBManager tree-bank manager. We also present the results of testing the SYNT analysis on Czech corpus.