MAIN activities of ES Local Section in Russia in 2003

Dr. Nelly Didenko,the Coordinator and Executive Director of ES Local Section In Russia (Chair of ES Local Section in Russia)  Creation ES Local Section in Russial    ES Local Section in Russia was created on the base of St. Petersburg branch of ESWGTT (June 2003) with parallel creation of Moscow branch  July 2003 What we have done (the main results)l      We carried on the negotiations in the name of “Academinvest Fund” with the president of Ultramax Corp. (USA) about the possibilities of adaptation and promotion his innovative product of Dynamic Optimization in Russia (January 2003- now)l      We have received a business proposal from David Kryl “Biotechnology net” February 2003l      We discussed this proposal with the head of “Academinvest Fund” of RAS, Ltd  March 2003l      We carry on now negotiations with venture fund RVCA (Russian Venture Capital Association) about the possibility the working with David Kryl companyl      We took part in the work of the 300th meeting of Nobel Prizes in St. Petersburg  in June 2003 (as a participants and as a members of support team of the organizing committee)l      We took part in the conference “Quality of life” organized by St. Petersburg Scientific Centre of RAS co-jointly with the International School of Science and Technology Sociology. This gave us an opportunity to make network with scientists from Novosibirsk and Tomsk  June-July 2003l      We took part in negotiations with Bulgarian phytotherapy general practitioner Dr. Ivanka Zlatarska (Varna, Bulgaria) about possibilities of cooperation of her experience with Biotechnology TT network of ESWGTT in June-July 2003l    We organized and took part in meeting with the President of ES Prof. J.-P. Connerade in office in St. Petersburg about the creation of ES Local Section in Russia on the base of St. Petersburg branch of ESWGTT with parallel creation of Moscow branch  July 22, 2003l    The problems of interaction with SPASS were discussed on this meeting also July 22,  2003l    We prepared (co-jointly with Scientific Counsil of SPASS, Prof. M. Libenson, Prof. Pal Tamas, Dr. Fr. Pradery, Dr. R. Seltz, Prof. J.-P. Connerade and Dr. S. Vaseghi) and sent to Strasbourg an application to NATO foundation of financial support of future (April 17-20 2004) Workshop (joint ESWGTT, ES, SPASS) “Tensions in Society”, August 2003l    We received two guests from USA Dr. Mary Ann Evans (Iowa state University, Director IWISE program)  and Dr. Terry Pickett August-September 2003l    We organized in St. Petersburg Scientific Centre of RAS joint seminar with participation of our American guests devoted to “Project Management” September 2, 2003l    Design, editorship and support of the Web-page of St. Petersburg branch of ESWGTT    Development of proposals to ESOF2004l    Dissemination the information about ESOF2004 to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Tomskl    Participation in EuroScience Workshop on European Research Area, Regional Scintific Cooperation in Southeast Europe, Pathways for Stabilizing the RTD Potential, September 26, 2003.  Proposals to ESOF2004     Theme “Science Policy Issues in Europe’l    Seminar “Funding of Research versus technology transfer and commercialization in emerging countries”l    Seminar “Women in Science as Intellectual reserve of Europe” Our Plansl   To start actively to work in a frame of Local Section in Russia with a goal of organizing other branches in Russia