MAIN activities of ES Local Section in Russia in 2004

  • Russian Physical & Astronomic Society
  • St. Petersburg. Scientific Centre of RAS
  • St. Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars (SPASS)
  • St. Petersburg Women Association in Science (SPWAS)
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) –Regional Representative in North-West Russia
  • Working Groups of the Section

    • Integration and Collaboration in European Science (East-West Cooperation,including Russian Diaspora -Dr. Borisov V. V. and Moscow ES members
    • Technology Transfer
    • Women in Science
    • Young Scientists
    • Science Policy


    April 17-19, 2004A NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Scientists, Investigation and Mitigation of Tensions in Society, which was jointly organized by The Russian Regional Section of EUROSCIENCE and the St. Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars (SPASS),  was held in the historic home of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) on April 17-19 2004 ( The Workshop was attended by some 140 participants from France, Germany, Hungary, USA, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Israel. EUROSCIENCE and the St. Petersburg Scientific Centre of RAS assisted in preparation of this event, which was jointly sponsored by NATO and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

    April 19, 2004

    Meeting of the Participating Parties on Foundation of Social Organization “Euroscience Local section in Russia” (Centre section of Euroscience in Russia, office in St. Petersburg) with participation of Dr. Raymond Seltz

    April 24, 2004

    Participation in the work of SPASS Annual conference

    July 15, 2004, St. Petersburg

    Meeting of co-founders of St. Petersburg Public Organizations “Euroscience Cooperation Centre” (ESCC)

    July 30, 2004, St. Petersburg

    Sending the documents for registration of ESCC to the Ministry of Justice of Administration of St. Petersburg

    August 5, 2004, St. Petersburg

    Meeting with Dr. Vsevolod Borisov “ES Local Section in Russia”, central office, in St. Petersburg

    August 25-27, 2004, Stockholm, Sweden

    Participation in ESOF2004

    August 26, 2004, Stockholm, Sweden

    August 26, 14:45-17:45, at Norra Latin Theme “Science Policy Issues in Europe’ Seminar “Technology Transfer in Emerging countries” Dr. Nelly Didenko – co-organizer of the Seminar.

    August 27, 2004, Stockholm, Sweden

    August 27, 2004, 9:30-12:30, at Norra Latin , Seminar “Where are the women in Science?” Dr. Nelly Didenko is the organizer of seminar.

    August 27, 2004, Stockholm, Sweden

    Participation in the work of 4th General Assembly of Euroscience (4 ES members from Russia)

    September 9-10, 2004, Tallinn, Estonia

    Dr. Nelly Didenko took part in the international; conference  “Enlarging Europe with/for Women Scientists”. The conference was organized by Unit 4 DGXII of  EC.  ??????????? (Dr. Philip Basquine took part in this meeting.

    September 19-20, St. Petersburg

    Meeting Russian members of ES in St. Petersburg with Prof. J.-P. Connerade, President Euroscience.:

    September 19 

    Meeting Dr. Nelly Didenko, Prof. Vadim Ivanov, the dean of Physics and Mechanics Faculty of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University,  and Convener of the ESLS In Russia Working Group “Young Scientists”,

    September 20

    meeting with the Members of Coordinating Board of SPASS

    September 20

    meeting President of ES Prof. J.-P. Connerade with President of ESCC, ass. Member of RAS, Prof. I. Eliseeva

    September 22, St. Petersburg

    Participation of Dr. N. Didenko and Dr. A. Petrovsky in INTAS Strategic Scientific Workshop “Development of perspective applications of Human-Computer Interaction for Information Society”. Dr. N. Didenko gave a presentation “INTAS and Scientific Society of St. Petersburg – the Experience of Cooperation”

    September 30, Moscow

    A meeting Dr. Nelly Didenko with Richard Burger, Deputy Executive Secretary INTAS. Meeting was devoted to the problems of enlarging  INTAS participants in Russia, to the interactions among ESCC and INTAS.

    October 4,  2004, St. Petersburg

    Participation in the seminar devoted to the participation of the Russian Scientists in the European Scientific Programmers: FP6, TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, etc. Seminar took place in St. Petersburg State University with participation of specialists from University Saarland, University of Alicante

    October 16-17,  2004, St. Petersburg

    Participation in the Celebration of SPASS 15th Anniversary

    November  4,  2004, St. Petersburg

    Official Registration of St. Petersburg  Public organization “Euroscience Cooperation Centre”. Series 78, N 004734091). The President of Euroscience Cooperation Centre  is Associated Member of RAS, Prof. Irina Eliseeva.. Dr. Nelly Didenko was nominated as Director of ESCC.We have held two  great meetings under  the aegis of  Euroscience (under the aegis of  Euroscience Regional Section in Russia) in November 2004

    November  25-27,  2004, St. Petersburg

    3rd International conference «Women in Basic Research» in Memory of Prof. Iya Ipatova (152 participants)   jointly with several organizations: St. Petersburg Women Association in Science, Ioffe Physico-Technnical Institute of RAS, St. Petersburg Scientific Centre of RAS, St. Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars. Participants  were from Russia, Byelorussia, Latvia, Bulgaria, USA, UK

    November  26, 2004, St. Petersburg

    Participation in organization of the International Workshop» Promoting the Mobility and Career Development of Researchers between the Russian Federation and the European Union» (about 250 participants). IThe information about this workshop was send by ES Russian members network and Prof. Regional Section in Russia): and Mr. A. Smirnov (Ivanov) Vice-Rector»,»Ivanovo State Textile Academy attended this workshop. He was glad to learn such important information.

    December  21, 2004, St. Petersburg,

    Participation of two members of ES Dr. A. Petrovsky and Dr. Nelly Didenko in the seminar of “Youth committee of Presidium of ST. Petersburg Scientific Centre of RAS. Dr. Nelly Didenko made the presentation about Euroscience for young scientists.

    Our Plans

    Our Working Group  «Young Scientists». was formed in 2004 year. The Convener of this branch is Prof. Vadim Ivanov, the dean of Physics and Mechanics Faculty of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University,  and Co-Convener is Mr. Vadim Soldatov, St.Petersburg State University, Institute of Physics. Prof. Ivanov and Mr. Soldatov are among co-founders of St. Petersburg Euroscience Cooperation Centre. I would also like to inform you by request of prof. Vadim Ivanov about the 8th International  Conference «Physics in the System of Modern Education». May-June, 2005,  St.Petersburg,  Russia.You can find more information about this conference on the web-site: The conference is organized by United Nations Educational  and Cultural Organization, Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, United Physical Society of Russian Federation, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. WE sent this information to Prof. Clode Kordone.


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