V. Matousek, J. Michalicova, R. Moucek The contribution will contain a short overview and splitting of the lexicons used in several language engineering applications and will be based on the analysis of the contemporary attempt to the creation of on-line language explanatory dictionaries, analysis of the content of headword paragraphs of language dictionaries, and keynote issues of the implementation of these dictionaries. In the article we will introduce the description of several kinds of the dictionaries (etymological, dialectic, phraseological, neological, terminological, authorial, historical, synonymical, homonymical and antonymical, slangy, frequency, orthographical, orthoepical, pictorial, normative, informative, thesaurical) and kinds of language corpora used for the computer processing of them. Furthermore, we would like to aim the attention to the analysis of the contemporary creation of explanatory dictionaries — data collection, creation of code word paragraphs, creation of the on-line dictionary, analysis of existing Czech explanatory dictionaries. We want to present there the detailed analysis of code word paragraphs for the dictionary proposal, the selection of several kinds of explanatory language dictionaries and the detailed description of the code word paragraph creation.

Finally, the organization of the code word paragraphs will be discussed in detail and its utilization for the creation of the internet application will be analyzed. Some examples will be brought out at the end of the contribution to demonstrate the aim of the accomplishment of our special intention.